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Soltis Center Data Network: TSH02 Hydrology Station

The Soltis Center relies on natural springs for its water supply. Springs are locations where groundwater intersects land surface. Springs in this setting are very dependent on rainfall recharge to groundwater. How much rain does it take to recharge groundwater? What role does the forest vegetation play? If surface soils are drying, is groundwater being recharged?

The below leaf wetness measurements are made with a Campbell Scientific LWS sensor installed at a 1-meter elevation. The relative humidity measurements are made with a Campbell Scientific HygroVUE10 probe that is installed in a RAD10E METSPEC 10-Plate Solar Radiation Shield. The soil water measurements at 10- and 35-cm depths are measured by two Campbell Scientific CS650 30-cm long soil moisture and temperature probes.

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Climate of Alaska vs. Texas vs. Costa Rica

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