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Soltis Center Data Network: TSB01 Base Station

The Soltis Center, in collaboration with Campbell Scientific and GW Scientific has established a long-term base station (TSB01) at the Soltis Center. The station serves both educational, science and operational goals. The station uses a Campbell Scientific Inc. RF451 communications network to communicate with the TSH02 Water Supply Monitoring and Educational Station and for future stations. The base station also includes a CCFC ruggedized outdoor observation and surveillance field camera to help collect time-lapse images for education and scientific applications. Images are collected every 30 minutes in true color and in normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) image format.

Details on how information is collected is provided to help teach students how information is collected. Additional information will be added to continue to develop the educational benefits of the Soltis Center open-access data network.

For daily images from the TSB01 CCFC camera, see the TSB01 Image Viewer (button below).

TSB01 Image Viewer

"Click" on the image to see a higher resolution version.

Project Contact Information

Please contact one of the following individuals for additional information about the project, or to report any data outages. This site is also used for research purposes and may be have temporary outages due to station changes.

Dr. Eugenio Gonzalez (Soltis Center Director),

Michael Lilly (GW Scientific),, 907-322-3008 (cell)

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