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Soltis Center Data Network: Station TSH02

The below station diagnostics information is used to help ensure the station is operating efficiently and the power system to the station is operating correctly. 110 VAC power is used to charge a 12 VDC power source. The system used a CH200 Smart 12 VDC Charging Regulator. The controller manages amperage and voltage for safe, optimized battery charging from a solar-panel or AC power source. It also measures various input, output, and status parameters to allow close monitoring of the battery and station components.

Climate of Alaska vs. Texas vs. Costa Rica

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Water Levels Weather Soil Temperature

Groundwater Recharge Potential Station Diagnostics

Soil Moisture Depth Profiles

Project Contact Information

Please contact one of the following individuals for additional information about the project, or to report any data outages. This site is also used for research purposes and may be have temporary outages due to station changes.

Dr. Eugenio Gonzalez (Soltis Center Director),

Michael Lilly (GW Scientific),, 907-322-3008 (cell)

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